How do tell which mailbox is good?

The durability of mailboxes depends on how the mailboxes are handled, and what mailboxes they are purchasing at all.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing mailboxes:

1) The general appearance of the mailbox

If the mailbox looks suspicious - twisted, made out of really thin metal, does not close well, etc., then it's not wise to buy a mailbox, even if it looks like a bargain choice at first glance.

2) Single mailboxes vs. block mailboxes (in one "piece" there are several mailboxes)

For apartment buildings, we strongly advise you to select mailboxes that are installed in blocks (i.e. if there are several mailboxes in one piece).

There are several reasons:

  • Block mailboxes look better on the wall.
  • Unevenness of the wall is not noticeable (there will not be a situation where some mailboxes are deeper than others).
  • Generally, block mailboxes have better quality.

3) Proper number or name labels

If you order mailboxes for apartment buildings, it is useful to choose a manufacturer / seller who will place the number labels on the factory. We also recommend that you first look what number labels are offered and, if possible, look at some of the buildings in which the labels have been installed and how labels have passed over time.

Paper stickers and thin plastic pockets do not last long!

4) The size of the mailbox

The size of your mailbox should definitely allow the magazine and even the thicker newspaper to fit into the mailbox opening. This means that the opening should be large enough (Eesti Post recommends min. 30 mm). This way, your shipments can not be damaged, and even larger letters will be delivered to your mailbox.

We also recommend that the width of your mailbox is at least 250 mm. In the case of a smaller width, mailboxes that are full of letters may have risk breaking the corners of the important letters while emptying mailbox.

5) Locking mechanism

We recommend that you open and close the mailbox ten times before you buy it. If the lock does not function properly and the door is strangely in place, then this mailbox probably does not last long.

6) Installation

We recommend choosing a company that sells and installs mailboxes professionally to avoid further conflicts and misunderstandings.

7) References

When choosing mailboxes for apartment buildings, we recommend that you ask the company that offers mailboxes for a referent list in your area. Although it is time consuming, we strongly encourage you to visit buildings where mailboxes have been installed at least a year ago. This way, you can make sure your mailboxes are up and running (especially the number labels!).

We wish you successful mailbox purchases!